About Us

Pro Tax are a team of experienced registered tax agents, accountants, business owners and entrepreneurs.

We are based in Sydney CBD.

We Are Not Your Average Accountants

Whether it’s providing advice for a new company, an existing company or an individual, we pride ourselves on maximing all our clients’ tax affairs.


We know that no two financial situations are the same and we take into account several factors to ensure the best possible result. Whether you’re working under a TFN or ABN, are an employee or self employed, an Australian citizen / resident or a visa-holder, we can tailor a solution to suit. 


We pride ourselves on differentiating ourselves from regular tax agents / accountants who are just focused on preparing and lodging tax returns but lack the real world hands-on experience of owning and operating a business to provide you with deep and meaningful advice. Unfortunately for many small business owners, they have taken on an accountant that is accomplished at processing information and number crunching, but is lacking at providing real advice and recommendations on how to improve things. We believe that true corporate accounting should offer solutions to your company’s problems, ideas if you’re stuck in a rut and advice from an experienced perspective that will allow you to take your business to the next level. If you are with an accountant that just crunches the numbers but never recommends how to improve anything, CONTACT US  to arrange a comparative consultation – Your first meeting is free, so you have nothing to lose!